fell sons

Al  -  Vox, Guitar, Bass

Si  -  Vox, Keys


Liverpool is a city steeped in musical history. To walks it's streets or enter it's bars and clubs is to feel the pulse of that heritage, still beating strong. It's a melting pot of influences, brought to the city by all those who pass through.


The music of Fell Sons has been forged in this city by two men not born here, immigrants, an Irishman and a southerner who have sold their soul to the city's muse. If you listen close enough you can hear sounds from all over the western world in their songs. Their music comes from a shady underbelly of the city, the shadowy corners and each song pulls up a stool with it's story to tell. They wear their hearts on their sleeves for the crows to peck at.


Listen with the lights off, a cigarette burning and a bottle of whisky to hand.

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