Unrest - punk band. Over the years they had many members and formats. Feat; Andy (drms), Viki (voc), Shreddy (gtr), Toe (gtr), Fatty (voc), Jackie(voc), Bone (voc,stunt gtr), Gobba (keys/voc), Baz (bass), Marc (gtr), Phil (drms). Other members were draughted in whenever necessary - due to absences, jail sentences, or general drug over-frenzies, incl Ian (drms), Sven (voc), Mike (drms). Longest lasting format was Andy Killian, Marc McDermott, Baz Clarke, Fat John (Collins) and Jackie Swanson, lasting around 7-8 years before Phil Irving replaced Andy for around 3 years. Gobba (Mark Graham) filled Fatty's boots for 18 months before Phil joined. The same long lasting format was also called Radio Mongolia when Bone sang and played guitars instead of Marc, and I played guitars for the last 6, although they can't really remember clearly - as anyone who saw them ever should know why. They had often consumed more chemicals than the rest of the squat or nightclub put together, making details a little sketchy. Phil once drank 72 cans of lager before a recording session in a studio. The band had done the equivalent in other chemical forms. Memorable gigs incl the 'Night Of The Purple Ohms Gig' in the Toxteth squat, the gigs in Holly House (jesus! anyone remember them? anyone for some more punch? ho ho), Trecastle and Portsmouth festivals, where they were possibly tripping more than ever before, May Days in Sefton Park (lpool), the annual punks' picnics in Hulme (Manchester), the Dolehouse squat in London, the Sunnyside gig in Toxteth which trashed a house & was subsequently demolished, oh and the 'Night Of The Gore' halloween gig in some house in Liverpool where they had fantastic gore makeup on that was so convincing Marc even shat myself at one point when he saw himself in the mirror after wondering why so many people were running away from him!
So where are they now? Don't know about Viki or Shreddy. Bone was in Amsterdam doing live events, p.a.'s etc. Unfortunately he died of a massive heart attack, on 18-09-2007, after falling off his barge, and he's still missed. He is much missed by all of us, and although I will alway s be glad he was part of my life, I will always be a little sad he was not with me a little further along the way. There is the last known video of him performing on my myspace site www.myspace.com/ma_belle_ and I am putting together a short video from some footage that has surfaced, which I'll also post on my site and Bone's. Marc's been in several bands since then (Mojo Storm, Tam Ra, The Amnesiacs, and more) - more in a bit…. Gobba plays gigs in lpool under the name "Gobba And The Monsters From The Id". He also does p.a.'s. Jackie runs a healing event in lpool which brings together loads of different styles of healers under one roof and which undercuts the market by a significant amount. She also runs the Lantern Company, which holds its annual event on halloween each year in Sefton Park - well worth a visit, it's spectacular. Andy is around in the Wirral somewhere (get in touch mate). Fatty lives in Spain in the Southern Alps, where he grows olive trees and is generally as debauched as ever in the most beautiful way. Baz was a director/producer of extreme sports TV programs which you may have seen on Ch4, including UK Streetluge and Muay Thai competitions, before moving to Switzerland. Marc makes films and works as a freelance camera operator and editor, recent stuff included a Ridley Scott production called LIFE IN A DAY - available now on YouTube free. Marc was also formed a band called The Amnesiacs for several years, and played with the likes of Nev Staples (The Specials), The Slits (RIP Ari Up), The Beat, Bad Manners, The Blockheads etc. The band still continues - in name only - but the original Amnesiacs are no longer there.
Our drummer Phil died of cancer recently, another truly sad loss, not just to us as members and friends, but also the other squillion bands he played with over the years, including Vendetta, Onion, In Cider, Clockwork Destruction, Guerrilla Farm, P'Chenga and many others. We reformed initially just to play a memorial. Our Unrest set was rough, with only time for 3 practices after nearly 20 years. Marc and Toe played, with Liam taking Phil's seathttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrXywSCLsE0). But there was such good feeling so… We're back! YEs , we've been solidly practicing till we got tight again and got the old sound and tightness back, and we've got our shit together, and are writing new tracks too now. If you want us, or can suggest a venue, just email marcmcdermott (at) hotmail dot com.
Nihilist punk thrash with everything on 11

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  • Bass: Toe 
  • Drums: Liam 
  • Guitar/Vocals: Marc 

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